Dental Care

Dental Care for Cats & Dogs

Good dental hygiene is one of the most important aspects of your pet's overall health and can add years to their life. Loose teeth, bad breath, and a change in eating habits can all be signs of serious dental disease for your pet. Just like human dentists, our veterinarians recommend yearly dental cleanings and polishings for pets that start at an early age.

Professional dental cleaning and periodontal therapy often come too late to prevent extensive disease or to save teeth. As a result, periodontal disease is usually under-treated, may cause multiple problems in the oral cavity, and may be associated with damage to internal organs in some patients as they age. Untreated periodontal disease can also cause tooth abscess, gum infections, and/or bone loss: all of which can be painful for your pet to experience and costly to manage.

Pet Dental Care

Symptoms of poor oral health:

  • Bad breath
  • Changes in eating or chewing behavior
  • Abnormal drooling
  • Brownish-yellow crust on teeth
  • Gums bleeding
  • Tooth loss
  • Change in behavior

If your pet has a dental problem, you can count on Newport Animal Hospital to help them feel better. Our facility boasts a full surgical suite with the latest in dental technology.

Things you can do at home:

  • Brushing your pet’s teeth daily will help stimulate healthy gums and help deter additional plaque buildup.
  • You can feed your pet a dental based diet or treats. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation based on your pet’s needs.
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